Monday, September 15, 2008

Issues dropping distribution database

From time to time I came accross when using EM will not completely disable replication leaving distribution database. When you try to drop this database you will get the following error.
Cannot drop the distribution database 'distribution' because it is currently in use. The way to get around is to follow the following steps

USE master

EXEC sp_configure 'allow updates', '1'
RECONFIGURE with override
update master.dbo.sysdatabases
set category = 0
where dbid =

EXEC sp_configure 'allow updates', '0'
RECONFIGURE with override

drop database

Thursday, September 04, 2008

SQL Server 2008

SQL server 2008 is now shipping !!. To sum up waht is new in SQL server 2008 ?
The following are some that I have come accross.
- Automatic Recovery of Data Pages
- Log Stream Compression
- Resource Governor
- Predictable Query Performance
- Data Compression
- Hot Add CPU
- Policy-Based Management
- Streamlined Installation
- Performance Data Collection
- Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
- ADO.NET Object Services to simplify applicaton development
- DATE/TIME (Date, Time, Datetimeoffset and datatime2) data type
- Integrated Full Text Search
- Sparse Columns (yes new addition)
- Large User-Defined Types
- Spatial Data Types
- Backup Compression
- Partitioned Table Parallelism
- Star Join Query Optimizations
- Grouping Sets
- Change Data Capture
- MERGE SQL Statement (I have waited for long for this)
- SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Pipeline Improvements
- SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Persistent Lookups
- Analysis Scale and Performance
- Block Computations
- Writeback (on OLAP)
- Enterprise Reporting Engine
- Internet report deployment
- Manage Reporting Infrastructure
- Report Builder Enhancements
- Forms Authentication Support
- Report Server Application Embedding
- Microsoft Office Integration
- Predictive Analysis