Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Changing SQL Licensing

This article is about changing the licencing mode of SQL Server 2000 from per processor licence to per seat licence. Is it at all possible. This method is not documented in SQL Server 2000.

To change SQL Server licensing you go to control panel and one of the licensing mode is greyed out and you are only able to add either devices if it is per seat or processor if the licensing is per processor.

To change the licensing mode from one type to another you can do the following. Do this at your own risk as it involves changing the registry key.
In the registry Navigate to: Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft
SQL Server\80 \MSSQLLicenseInfo\MSSQL8.00\Mode

Change the mode to
- 0 if you want per seat licence
- 1 if you want to use control panel to change the licencing mode
- 2 if you want per processor licence

I have applied this changes to development environment and it hasn't affected anything.

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David said...

Thanks for posting this method. I tried to do the same thing and you saved my time. I was prepared to reinstall the software. I have now applied to production servers and and haven't experienced any problem.