Friday, December 09, 2005

Database mirroring

When Microsoft first comes up with this idea, I was delighted with the concept of database mirroring. I thought it will provide bulletproof solution with minimal cost for setting up redundancy solution for small and medium size business who are the one struggling to make ends meet. But, when they have decided to disable on the release of SQL Server 2005, I was gutted. By default, database mirroring is disabled in the new release but you can still be able to enable using trace flag 1400 as a start up parameter. Microsoft does recommend not using database mirroring in production environment. It might be a case that Microsoft is not ready to release this feature, I do understand their thinking. If they are not confident then it is the right direction.

You can read data mirroring overview, SQL Server 2005 Editions that supports mirroing and various technical aspects of this technology by going to SQL Server 2005 Database mirroring

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