Thursday, April 19, 2007

Enable output logging for a pull subscription

The following steps will help you in Enabling output logging for a pull subscription.
In SQL Enterprise Manager, click the Subscriber database.
2. Open the Pull Subscriptions folder.
3. In the right-hand pane of SQL Enterprise Manager you will see the pull subscription.
4. Open the subscription properties by double-clicking the subscription.
5. Click the General tab to open the agent properties dialog box. Click Distribution Agent Properties for a transactional pull subscription and click Merge Agent Properties for a merge pull subscription.
6. Click the Steps tab, and then edit the Run Agent step.
7. At the end of the string under command, add:

-Output C:\Temp\OUTPUTFILE.txt -Outputverboselevel [012]

Specify either 0, 1, or 2 after the -Outputverboselevel parameter.
8. Click OK to save the changes, and then close the Edit Job Step dialog box.
9. Click OK to save changes, and then close the Replication Agent Properties dialog box. If the agent is set to run continuously, stop and then restart the replication agent so that SQL Server logs the messages to the log file you specified in step 7. If file already exists, the agent appends the output to a file.

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