Monday, January 21, 2008

Distribution failure due to Data type differences

Recently I have faced with an issue were the published article column type is different from the subscriber column type. One of the publication articles column data type was varchar and the subscriber table (destination object ) data type was integer. The data in source object support to have a value similar to 012345 where the first character was the number zero and it didn't created any failures until somebody actually put in a value of C12345. This has lead to fail the replication. The only way to get around this was to delete the actual transaction from distribution database.
I used the following steps to do this:

use distributiondb
1. Get an article Id from MSarticles table
2. run exec sp_browsereplcmds @article_id = 'article Id'
3. get the xact_seqno of the article that caused this issue
4. delete the transaction from MSrepl_transactions.
- delete from MSrepl_transactions where xact_seqno =
5. delete the replication commands from MSrepl_commands
- delete MSrepl_commands where xact_seqno =
6. rerun the distribution agent
7. fix the route cause
Note that there is only one entry in MSrepl_transactions while you may have more than one entries in MSrepl_commands.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful article. Have tried on my test environment and it did work.