Friday, March 21, 2014

Updatable columnstore clustered indexes, is it new feature for SQL 2014 ?

The new release of SQL server 2014 boosts on improvement of columstore index. As we all know, SQL Server 2012 introduced columnstore indexes. I haven't seen it widely used in data warehouse implementation due to the fact that you can not update. If you want to reload the data you have to drop and re-create the index. This might be possible if you are working with rows less than 1 billion. But if your table is more than 1 billion it is very difficult to use. So, the new release not only made the column store index updatable but also can be clustered index. It is all good news but is this a new feature ? I would say for normal version of SQL server it can be seen as new. But, Microsoft released this feature with SQL Server 2012 Parallel data warehouse. What they did is they moved the technology to new version of SQL server. To claim this is a new technology in my opinion is wrong and misleading. The technology was there in their special version of SQL server 2012 (for Parallel data warehouse).

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