Saturday, July 02, 2016

SQL Server Management Studio – July 2016 Release

The first monthly update release of SSMS following the release of SQL Server 2016 is now available. The update added the feature I personally was waiting for.  The following are few of the highlights that was mentioned during the announcement. 

  • Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse in SSMS. This is good news indeed. 
  • Support for PowerShell script generation in the Always Encrypted wizard
  • Improved connection times to Azure SQL databases
  • New ‘Backup to URL’ dialog to support the creation of Azure storage credentials for SQL Server 2016 database backups
  • New Restore dialog to streamline restoring a SQL Server 2016 database backup from the Microsoft Azure storage service.

and some bug fixes too. I cannot wait to play with Azure SQL Data Warehouse using the new SSMS release

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