Friday, May 29, 2015

What is different in first install of SQL 2016 CTP2

The two most visible changes to installation of SQL server are:
1. The installer now recognizes the number of cores in your serer and creates tempdb with the 
    number of cores if the cores are less than 8 or 8 if the number of cores is more than 8. At last 
   Microsoft addressed what SQL Server User community and professionals were recommending. 
  See image below. In my case, my server has four cores and it recognizes and create temp files.

2. Another exciting feature that was brought into main stream SQL server is Polybase. Polybase is a  
    T-SQL front end that allows users to query non-relational data.  Polybase was used to query an 
    external Hadoop cluster connected to APS. This is good news for queries non-relational data from 
    within SQL server engine. I personally cannot wait to play with it and finally if good may use it 
    for   real.  To use this feature you need to install Oracle JRE Update 51 or higher. Otherwise you 
    will get the following error and will not progress with installation.

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