Friday, June 05, 2015

SQL Server 2016 – LQS (Live Query Statistics)

SQL server 2014 introduced new DMV that tracks execution statistics while the query is executed though DMV(sys. dm_exec_query_profiles) . Prior to SQL 2014 you can see an estimated execution plan or actual execution plan.  SQL 2016 moved a bit further and you should now be able to see live execution plan.

LQS allows you to view a list of active queries and associated statistics like current CPU, query progress percentage in every plan tree, memory usage and etc. This enables rapid identification of potential bottlenecks for troubleshooting issues. You can even see if your system is waiting for query plan (see fig 1 below). You can see live percentage of execution completion of each execution (see figure 2 below).

Figure 2
Figure 2

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