Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SSRS (SQL server 2016)

In recent release of Microsoft products the improvements related to SSRS was a bit disappointing as compared to the release of core features of SQL server engine and cloud offerings and enhancements.  This time round, there seems to be more good news for SSRS community and business users as microsoft finally wake up to the needs and cries of RS community. Few that catch my eyes are:
  • Customize report themes using CSS that will allow SSRS developers to develop new report themes and styles that will hopefully allow to create a modern looking reports
  • New chart types are added mainly for better data visualization
  • Support for mobile BI  and data virtualization on windows, IOS, Android devise
  • Greater control over parameter prompts that will result in improved design dynamic and parameterized reports
  • Support for major browsers such as chrome, Firefox and safari
  • Support for mobile BI and data visualization on other devices such as IOS and Android devices
  • Ability to publish to Power BI which is fantastic news as on premise data can be easily viewed on-premise or in the cloud
  •  Addition of power query to a data source  

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